Making rentals easy.

PapayaPods is a property management software that was founded in 2013. PapayaPods is an application that offers a solution for property management for both landlords and tenants. Helping landlords and housing professionals manage the entire rental journey digitally, in one place. From a single property to large portfolios. Additonally allowing tenants to digitise their entire rental experience – from sending out applications all the way until moving out.I worked as a UX/ UI designer for PapayaPods from 2016-2018. James Rae was responsible for all icons and graphics.

Client: PapayaPods

Category: Proptech

Work: UI/UX Design

Year: 2016-2018

URL: No longer active

Rent properties without the hassle.

Papayapods wanted to make renting out a property an easy and fun experience.