Giving anglers their own marketplace.

Dangler is a marketplace that provides a platform for the everyday angler, alongside retailers and manufacturers to buy and sell their second hand and new fishing tackle. Dangler provide a platform that includes lower costs, buying and selling protection and the opportunity to build a social profile and communicate with other fellow anglers.

To begin the project I had a meeting with all stakeholders to understand their goals and requirements. In addition to this I did a deep dive into the analytics on the existing website and also sent out a survey to their 1500 subscribers. This allowed me to learn about the users and spot pain points in the current website.

Client: Dangler

Category: Fishing

Work: UI/UX Design

Year: 2021

Building Dangler's visual identity.

When starting the project, Dangler had an existing site and brand however felt that it needed a drastic overhaul. They did ask to keep their existing colour scheme so that they remained recognisable to their existing customer base.

Designing a site that meets the needs of the users.

Now that I'd completed research and developed a component library, I was ready to build wireframes and low fidelity prototypes to test my ideas. Once this had been approved by the client, I built hi-fidelity designs for both mobile and desktop. These can be seen below.