Helping people travel more easily.

I previously worked at as a UX designer in the Taxi Experience team. The team worked on the customer focused product. This included the taxi website, communications and some internal products for customer services. The main focus was the taxi website which focuses on allowing users to create a booking, manage their booking and take their ride.

I was also an Accessibility champion at Booking, working on implementing accessible design throughout the company and being AA compliant. In 2019 I joined the mentoring programme to mentor junior designers. This allowed me to pass on my knowledge and help educate less experienced designers.


Category: Travel

Work: UI/UX Design

Year: 2018-2019

Building a frictionless mobile experience.

An effortless mobile experience is integral to any travel app. When working at Booking my team worked hard to make our booking system as smooth as possible. This included easily choosing the taxi you want, adding location data and paying.

When being picked up from an airport delays are almost inevitable. Therefore we worked on making our flight number system as simple as possible, so drivers could track customers flights and pick them up when they land.

A booking flow that just makes sense.

Booking your holiday should be a fun and easy experience. Therefore it was important to us that the our booking system was as simple as possible.